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In order to register with VERBIS (Data Controllers’ Registry Information System provided by the Personal Data Protection Authority in Turkey), it is necessary to perform a very systematic and planned study before the registration and establish all the information assets of your organization in a complete and up-to-date manner.

What is VERBIS?

Within the scope of Article 16 of the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, natural and legal person data controllers processing personal data are obliged to register with VERBIS before starting to process any personal data. Within this scope, data controllers are required to register with VERBIS, which is an online system provided by the Turkish Personal Data Protection Authority.

Organizations have to fulfill these obligations according to certain criteria within the stipulated deadlines.

Are there any Exceptions for VERBIS Registration Obligation?

Click here to see the data controllers that are exempted from VERBIS registration according to the Article 16 of the Personal Data Protection Law.

Our VERBIS Consultancy Services

Procedures and documentation to be completed by data controllers before registration who are obliged to register with VERBIS require legal and technical information. In addition, VERBIS registration requires various commitments for the organization and the fact that the registration does not reflect the truth, or that it is incorrect or incomplete may have criminal consequences. All transactions performed on VERBIS are under the responsibility of the data controller.

The data inventory must be ready before registration. It is highly important to determine the categories in the data inventory. The notification steps to be taken into consideration are indicated below.




Personnel Details

Legal Action


Risk Management

Transaction Security

Physical Environment Security

Customer Transaction

Professional Experience


Audio-Visual Records

Race and Ethnic Origin

Philosophical Belief, Religion, Sect and Other Beliefs

Health Information

Trade Union Membership

Foundation Membership

Association Membership


Sexual Life

Criminal Conviction and Security Measures

Biometric Data

Genetic Data

Other Information

For all the categories mentioned above that create the data inventory, there is a variety of information that must be completed during registration. This information is as follows;

Notification Steps


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