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Expert Support for Your Message Management System Records

With our Message Management System (IYS) Consultancy service, you can easily find out your messages that are subject to permission and need to be recorded in the system, as well as the ways of setup registration and permissions to the system.

Commercial messages related to the services of your organization cannot be sent without the consent of the recipient, with certain exceptions.

The principles regarding electronic commercial messages and IYS obligation are regulated under Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce (in Turkish), the Regulation, and relevant legislation.

Your organization can communicate with recipients for reasons such as marketing, promotion, celebration via call, SMS, or e-mail. These deliveries require prior approval.

In accordance with the law, it is obligatory to record the information of message recipients in the Message Management System. Users who log in to the system (e.g., SMS recipients) can change their preferences on which communication channels they will be contacted. For example, users can block SMS on the system, that is, cancel receiving SMS, for unwanted SMS. They can also give SMS approval for the SMS they wish to receive. On the other hand, in the Resolution of Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data, sending SMS and e-mails without the consent of the data subjects is prohibited. You can access our services on obtaining explicit consent here.

Recipients have the right to complain about unlawful delivery of messages that do not comply with their preferences. Administrative fines may be imposed for unlawful deliveries. Contact us now to get consultancy and service regarding Message Management System records.

Message Management System (IYS) is a system where all citizens can easily manage their commercial electronic message permissions from a one-stop source and give approval for any service provider and brand they wish. Organizations should manage their messages according to the approval and rejection status in this system and avoid unsolicited deliveries.

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What is Message Management System?

It is the database where service providers record their current commercial electronic message approvals. Citizens can approve the service providers to send them electronic messages through the system on the following link*, or they can use their rights to reject on the message management system for their existing approvals. On the other hand, recipients have the right to complain when they receive unwanted SMS.

(*) The link is in Turkish. Please contact us for further support.

Which Messages Need Approval?

All channels through which e-messages are sent must be registered with the message management system, whereas not all of them are subject to permission. That is, while approval is required from individuals for electronic messages sent to individuals, approval is not required for e-messages sent to merchants. However, both must be reported to the IYS through the system that is separated as individual and merchant.

What Are the Deadlines to Register with
the Message Management System?

For service providers with more than 150,000 commercial electronic message approvals, the deadline for the approval upload is December 31, 2020; for 150,000 and less, the deadline for the approval upload is May 31, 2021.

How Is the Message Count Determined?

The message count is determined not by the number of people, but by the delivery channel. If both e-mail and SMS are sent to a person, it will be recorded as 2 messages, not 1.

Why Do the Permissions Need to be
Transferred to IYS?

As of May 31, 2021, if you do not transfer all your existing permitted messages and subsequent permissions to IYS within 3 business days, the permission you have received will be invalid and you cannot continue to communicate with your contacts within the scope of your marketing activities.

What Is the Sanction for not Complying with
the Obligations of E-commerce Law?

Administrative fines stipulated in Article 12 of the Law are applied to those who are found to be unlawful as a result of a complaint or ex-officio investigation.

In case of violation of the obligation to provide information, the obligation to inform the recipient of the terms of the contract, and the obligation to comply with the approval of the commercial electronic message content from the recipient,

6,289 ₺ - 31,521 ₺

In case of violation of the obligations regarding approval and correction of order, the obligation of the person on whose behalf the commercial communication is made to be clearly identifiable, and the obligations regarding the content of commercial electronic messages,

6,289 ₺ - 63,047 ₺

In case of violation of the obligations regarding the principles regarding discounts and gifts, and the obligations regarding the recipients right to reject commercial electronic messages,

12,568 ₺ - 136,991 ₺

In case of violation of the information, document sharing and assistance obligation towards the auditors assigned by the Ministry,

12,568 ₺ - 31,521 ₺

In case the information requested by the authorized institutions for monitoring and evaluation of the development of electronic commerce is not reported to the system,

12,568 ₺ - 31,521 ₺

For further details on the Message Management System (IYS) please see our article on this link;

For E-Commerce Law please click the link (in Turkish).


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