We Are Here to Assist Your JourneyTowards Protection of Personal Data


Within the scope of protection of personal data, all the trainings that are required for all parties to fulfill their responsibilities, are designed as exclusive for you, fast, accurate and up-to-date.

Technological and legal developments in privacy and security have increased the requirements in the field of protection of personal data both in the world and in Turkey, as well. One of these requirements is training on privacy, security and personal data.

These trainings create an opportunity for development by contributing to the knowledge of the whole organization. Training on personal data also contributes to the performance of the staff through increasing their self-confidence in new practices and terminologies. Employees who acquire the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of privacy and security gain speed by acting with a higher level of understanding while completing their tasks.

In addition, these trainings were counted among the administrative measures related to Personal Data Security by the Personal Data Protection Board.

Accordingly, in the event of a cyber-attack that can harm the personal data security, it is extremely important to ensure the security by making the first necessary intervention, even if employees have limited information about cyber security. In addition to attacks aimed at violating personal data security, incidents such as unlawful disclosure or sharing of personal data are among the main personal data security breaches. These violations may also be in the result of opening an e-mail attachment containing malware, or as a result of sending an e-mail to a different recipient and making personal data available to third parties through using the weaknesses of users, their carelessness, thoughtfulness, or inexperience.

For all these reasons, it is extremely important for employees to be educated about issues such as not disclosing and sharing personal data unlawfully, conducting awareness studies for employees, creating a security ecosystem where security risks can be identified and controlled.

Any changes in practices, policies and procedures related to personal data security should also be updated with trainings to be repeated in the future. Most important thing is, information about threats to personal data security should be kept up-to-date.

All these requirements necessitate to focus on the operational and technical needs in the area of confidentiality and security, while at the same time creating a new corporate culture. As a result of this, reinforcing the confidentiality and security awareness of the company and ensuring that all employees in all areas are mastered perfectly will also have an important place for the company's purpose and vision.

Your brand and commercial assets are one of the most important values of your company. All our work in the area of confidentiality and security and all developments in this area are risky unless they are spread to all segments of the organization. Problems with personal data will adversely affect your company's reputation. By reporting the data loss to the KVKK, various violations are made public and disclosed. This leads to a significant loss of reputation from a commercial point of view.

In order to prevent these risks, awareness should be increased through continuous training at all levels. In this way, it is possible to raise overall, consistent, up-to-date privacy and security awareness within the organization.

Training on personal data should be provided first for senior management and for employees. In addition to this, training can be provided for subcontractors, suppliers and customers who, if necessary, transfer data according to sectoral needs and company workflows.

Our teams provide training in the field of personal data protection, privacy and security, technological requirements, data protection concept and awareness, legal rights and obligations in your workplace or distance learning. Recording these trainings will be very important for your company during the audits.

These trainings can also be provided as e-learning material (scorn compatible or power point). You can publish e-learning materials in your own portal, or you can get this platform service from our company.

Training contents are generally as follows:

Preparatory Assessment and Gap Analysis

Data Governance and Sustainability Assessment

Preparation Training on Data Protection Impact Analysis

Executive Awareness Trainings

General Information Trainings on KVKK and GDPR

Trainings on Data Inventory and Classification

DPO / Data Protection Officer Training and Job Description

Privacy Security and Personal Data Awareness Training for Employees