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Our consultancy services on Information Security and Risk Management enable your organization to take appropriate measures for your specific work space in areas such as compliance, strategy development, ISO 27001 and relevant certifications, and personal data.

In today's business world, information security requires constant effort for organizations. Due to the increase in cyber threats and regulatory compliance requirements, focusing on this area has become the most important item on the agenda for companies. Cyber threats, in the simplest definition, are the risks arising from attacks of all kinds of objects that can be programmed. The most important asset of an organization is knowledge legacy. This important asset consists of data that need the most protection. These data are stored and used in any programmable environment. Therefore, the way to protect data is to specify your digital assets well, identify risks, and set strong strategies.

In order to protect the assets of the organization, information security measures should be included in all processes of the organization and a healthy and sustainable security culture should be developed through the awareness of the employees. A strong security culture is not just about establishing policies and procedures. To ensure the security at the top level, all employees must become security experts.


Policies and Procedures


The inevitable increase in cybercrime requires organizations to review their data protection plans and approaches. In addition to material damages that can be caused by data losses, it should also be taken into consideration that loss of reputation may also be in question in cases of personal data breach.

Our main purpose is not only to protect your assets while structuring your business against cyber risks, we also aim to ensure a rapid recovery and business continuity in the face of attacks without any damage.

What are we doing to achieve this?

We give awareness, personal data and information security trainings for employees and senior management

We establish the most appropriate control systems for your business

We help you prepare an effective and feasible emergency plan

We provide consultancy in risk assessment processes

We identify critical risks and assets

We assist you in your processes for personal data security

Rapid developments in the areas of personal data protection and cyber security are the opportunities to perform digital transformation while creating cost for businesses on the other hand.

In the “technical measures” section of the compliance requirements as per to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the documentation, in particular ISO 27001 certification, has gained importance. Even if your organization does not have ISO 27001 certification in place, the information security system based on this documentation will meet your KVKK and GDPR compliance needs.

To establish appropriate policies and procedures for personal data security will especially ensure that key risks are identified in advance, and measures are taken consistently. Our consultants control the functionality of the applicable methods and suggestions and documentation to be developed specifically for your organization.

Accurate and consistent policies and procedures to be established for information security should be integrated in accordance with the data controller’s business area and workflows.

Technical Measures

The technical measures proposed in the guidelines of the Turkish Personal Data Protection Authority are summed up as follows:

Authorization Matrix

Authorization Control

Access Logs

User Account Management

Network Security

Application Security


Penetration Test

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS & IPS)

Log Records

Data Masking

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Software



UpToDate Anti-Virus Systems

Deletion, Destruction, or Anonymization

Key Management


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