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A guideline titled "Recommendations on the Protection of Personal Data in the Field of Artificial Intelligence" was published by Turkish Personal Data Protection Authority on September 15, 2021. The guideline includes recommendations for the development and application of artificial intelligence technologies for the purpose of protecting personal data within the scope of Turkish Personal Data Protection Law, which entered into force on April 7, 2016.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have led to significant transformations in almost every aspect of social life. Artificial intelligence technologies, which are based on collecting and analyzing large amounts of data, have transformed especially the economic field, and all kinds of information have become the main factor of generating economic value through datafication activities. This trend has enabled the targeting of personal data and the generation of value through personal data within the scope of a wide range of activities. In addition, artificial intelligence technologies, especially in which personal data are used, affect exceedingly other aspects of daily life day by day.

The widespread use of digital technologies associated with the COVID-19 epidemic brings risks to the safety of children. Business organizations should take measures to protect children's personal data and privacy at the highest level and conduct their activities with this sensitivity, in addition, they should guide the cooperating parties within the framework of this awareness and sensitivity. In this regard, we would like to share with you the guideline on the protection of children's personal data published by the International Telecommunication Union, a Geneva-based organization, in which many standards in the field of telecommunications are set forth.

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