Article 25 - Composition and Duties of the Presidency

(1) The Presidency is composed of Deputy President and service units. The Presidency shall fulfill the duties listed in paragraph four through the service units which are organized as departments. The number of departments shall not be more than seven.

(2) A Deputy President shall be appointed by the President in order to assist him in his administrative duties.

(3) The Deputy President and Heads of Departments shall be appointed by the President among those who have been graduated from at least a four-year higher education institution and worked in the public institutions for at least ten years.

(4) The duties of the Presidency are as follows,

  • a) to maintain the Registry of Controllers.
  • b) to carry out clerical services for the Authority and the Board.
  • c) to represent the Authority through lawyers at the lawsuits and execution proceedings to which the Authority is a party; to follow up such lawsuits or have them followed up and carry out the legal services.
  • ç) to carry out personnel-related services of the Board members and Authority’s personnel.
  • d) to perform the duties foreseen by laws with regard to financial services and strategy development units.
  • e) to ensure that the information systems are established and used in order to carry out acts and actions of the Authority.
  • f) to draft reports on the annual activities of the Authority or on other issues which are deemed necessary, and submit them to the Board.
  • g) to draft the Strategic Plan of the Authority.
  • ğ) to determine the personnel policy of the Authority, prepare and implement the education and career-based plans for the personnel.
  • h) to carry out the appointment, transfer, discipline, performance, promotion, retirement and other similar procedures regarding the personnel.
  • ı) to determine the ethical principles for the personnel and give necessary training.
  • i) to carry out the services with regard to purchasing, leasing, maintenance, repair, construction, archive, health and social issues and similar ones within the framework of the Public Financial Management and Control Law No. 5018 of 10/12/2003.
  • j) to keep record of the movable and immovable property of the Authority
  • k) to fulfill other duties conferred on it by the Board or the President.

(5) Service units and their working procedures and principles shall be laid down through a by-law which is put into force by the Council of Ministers upon Authority’s proposal drafted as per the field of activity, duties and powers stated in the Law herein.