Article 24 - The President

(1) The President, as the head of both the Authority and the Board, is the highest-level official of the Authority, and organises and conducts the services of the Authority in accordance with the legislation, Authority’s purpose and policies, Strategic Plan, performance criteria and service quality standards, and , ensures coordination between service units, as well.

(2) The President is responsible for the general management and representation of the Authority. This responsibility entails the duties and powers concerning regulation, execution, inspection, evaluation of Authority’s work and, its announcement to the public, when necessary.

(3) The duties of the President are as follows;

  • a) to chair the Board's meetings.
  • b) to ensure the notification of Board decisions and public announcement of these when deemed necessary by the Board, and to monitor their implementation.
  • c) to appoint Deputy President, Heads of Departments and Authority’s personnel.
  • ç) to finalize the recommendations communicated by service units and submit them to the Board.
  • d) to ensure the implementation of the Strategic Plan and to establish the human resources and working policies in line with service quality standards.
  • e) to prepare the annual budget and financial tables of the Authority in line with the determined strategies, annual purposes and targets.
  • f) to ensure coordination in order for the Board and service units to work in harmony in an efficient, disciplined and well-ordered manner.
  • g) to maintain the relations of the Authority with other institutions.
  • ğ) to determine the scope of the duties and powers of the personnel authorized to sign on behalf of the President.
  • h) to carry out other duties related to the management and operation of the Authority

(4) The Second President is entitled to act on behalf of the President in his absence.