Article 23 - Working Principles of the Board

(1) Head of the Board shall determine the dates and agenda of the meetings. The Board may be called for an extraordinary meeting by the Head, if necessary.

(2) The Board shall convene at least with six members, including the Head of the Board, and shall take decisions by simple majority of its total members. Members of the Board shall not cast abstaining vote.

(3) Members shall not attend and cast vote in meetings, which concern issues regarding themselves, their relatives by blood up to third degree and relatives by affinity of marriage up to second degree, their adopted children and their spouses even if the marriage has ended.

(4) Members of the Board shall not disclose the secrets they learned as to data subjects and third parties during their work to anyone other than legally authorized bodies, neither shall they use such secrets for their benefits. This obligation shall apply even after the end of their term of office.

(5) The outcome of the agenda of the Board shall be written down. The decisions and dissenting opinions, if any, shall be written within 15 days at the latest. The Board shall announce to public the decisions it deems necessary.

(6) The meetings of the Board are confidential unless decided otherwise

(7) Working procedures and principles of the Board and the writing procedure of the decisions and other issues shall be laid down through a by-law.